@#Repost @warren_mayes with @get_repost・・・Announcement️ After 1 year and 7 months of being apart of crisp I have decided to part ways with them, much love to them for looking after me and making some of my dreams come true️ The main people I’d like to thank is @krazygary for looking after me n treating me like I’m part of his team, can’t thank him enough for all the opportunities he gave me also a humongous thank you too @thefrontskatepark and @killela66 for even making any of this possible I’ve been holding back from making this decision for a few months now because of all the nice people I’ve met through out the scooter industry! I’m not quitting but I’m just gonna have fun with it from now on because I’m not motivated to ride anymore n I just don’t enjoy it Still got mad love for everyone in this industry and I’m sure I’ll see a few of you around🙂 This decision is for the best and for me only️ It is with a heavy heart ️ that @warren_mayes pro rider for @crispscootersofficial has made an announcement to come off of the team for @crispscootersofficial ☹️We would like to thank Crisp for their support to Warren during the last two years you have been amazing .Warren will continue to represent us as a team rider for @thefrontskateshop 😀 and to keep doing what he does best in helping young people at grass roots level progress in their riding here at @thefrontskatepark #crispscooters #crispscootersofficial #thefrontskatepark #thefrontskateshop #rolemodel #yougotthis #alwaysrepping #proud #weymouth #skatepark #oneofus #skateparkfamily